Tuesday, August 20, 2013

UPS May Have Hit Pay Dirt With 3D Printing - Forbes

UPS May Have Hit Pay Dirt With 3D Printing - Forbes: began offering 3D printing services three weeks ago. There were three pages of customer names and contact information this Sunday. These customers had ordered objects as diverse as robotic arms to custom figurines. “Older guys, especially, travel far to get their vintage parts printed at our store,” he says, adding that he has received customers from places as far as Solana Beach, approximately 15 miles away.
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Jones’ store is among the first two UPS stores in the country that is part of the company’s retail test to evaluate 3D printing-as-a-service at its franchises. Restricted to a niche community until now, 3D printing could find a way to the mainstream market, if UPS succeeds with these tests.