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Color and Mold Your Own Silicone Rubber    If you’re a fan of the Jude Pullen projects we’ve published, 

you will want to add a batch of DIY silicone rubber to your mix of skills as well. This substance will turn to a clay-like material once it begins to set up and it’s extremely simple to make using only two simple ingredients: silicone caulk and corn starch. 

Instructables users mikey77 shared his method for creating the DIY silicone/Corn starch mix he calls Oogoo.     

 Making your own not only gives you control over the quantity, but over the workability and color as well.     It turns out that corn starch is highly absorbent and when sitting around in an open box it will absorb moisture from the air. It is an extremely fine powder that diffuses evenly in mixtures.

By adding the right amount of corn starch, the sticky silicone is somewhat stiffened and very quickly starts to set up from the inside out. While it still sets up faster on the surface than in the middle, the whole thing will set up in five minutes to 2 hours no matter what the thickness. The actual curing time depends on the temperature, the humidity, the amount of corn starch added, and the speed at which it was mixed.   

Main ingredients:     100% Silicone Caulk   100% Corn Starch   Linseed based oil paints (optional for color)    Materials     Caulking gun   Mixing cups   Popsicle sticks   Gorilla instant glue   Gorilla tape   

The more corn starch that is used, the faster the Ooogoo will set up. For example, 1 part corn starch to 1 part silicone gives you about 5-10 minutes working time. Small batches tend to work better and getting it to the appearance of cake frosting is about the consistency you want.

Also, if you’ve worked with silicone before, you know it’s not any less messy than decoupage or papier-mâché (sorry), so you’ll find this process is a bit messy/sticky on the mixing, but once it starts setting up, it’s easier to form and work with.

To help smooth out or keep from sticking on certain areas, a little Vaseline goes a long way.  

 sugru-substitute-oogoo-01    View all the steps to make your own Oogoo DIY silicone clay here.
 If you’re interested in some tutorials and example applications, you can find one for creating a mold with Ooogoo, a two-part mold tutorial, an Oogoo casting tutorial and even how to create pourable Oogoo.



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