Thursday, August 08, 2013

UPS 3D Printing manufacturing parts

Will UPS Succeed In Popularizing 3D Printing? - Forbes: many customers interested in 3D printing did not have skills or software to produce 3D files. So, we decided to test the service as a complete package from design to printing.

Remba: It depends on several factors. For example, if a customer brings a design file that is ready to print, then the turnaround time depends on the file printing time. Depending on the physical size and complexity of the object being printed, 3D print jobs can take anything from a few hours for simple projects to more than 24 hours to for large and complex projects. Similarly, we are also testing design services for customers. Our experience is that designing objects also depends on the mode and nature of interaction between customers and the designer. At our first test store in San Diego, the designer works with customers over phone, video conference,